the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer has called on the local authorities to be more pace in the construction of the infrastructure for the fast mobile Internet. “4G and 5G there is not without masts,” said the CSU politician, Berlin. “Anyone who calls for this is the law, so that we can meet the demands of a leading economy nation, you have to help that these transmitters can also be built. We have a need for the municipalities, many for the infrastructure necessary decisions until a year and a half. The time we can’t afford to do more.“

industry President Dieter Kempf warned against unrealistic targets in the new mobile radio standard 5G. The Federal government should proceed with the auction of the 5G licenses in the spring with a “sense of proportion”, said Kempf.

Scheuer said, anyone who wants to mobile and digital, the need of the Hardware. He hope that there is a different approach in the discussion and not just concerns, and Negative. “You need to have in the communities for so long, because it takes the citizens concerns seriously and because you want to bring the citizens together in a little forward. But when I see alone, that we need a Triple or quadrupling of the transmission infrastructure, so that we throughout the whole of the have 5G, also knows that we have a real task ahead of us.“

economical brake pad

will be auctioned In the spring of frequencies for the much faster new mobile radio standard 5G. The procurement rules stipulate that 98 percent of all households should be supplied until the end of 2022, with fast mobile Internet. Until the end of 2024 Federal and state, are to be supplied to Railways in two steps, all the car roads, as well as important Railways and waterways with fast mobile Internet.

The Association of municipal companies (VKU) asked: “Who is a candidate for 5G, you must first close the 4G radio holes.” Companies would have to bid for frequencies in rural areas. In addition, the provider would be required to the local Roaming. “The goal of the 5G mobile and wireless communications must be to prevent a digital divide between the city and the country,” said VKU CEO Katherina Reiche.

A mandatory local Roaming in the 5G-the award is controversial –that had been demanded by politicians of the government parties, in order to improve the power supply in the area. Here, mobile phone users would be connected in a radio hole automatically and free of charge with the network of another telecommunications group. For consumers this sounds useful, network operators, values, this, however, as the commercial brake pad.

“Technically and economically nonsense,”

industry President Kempf considered to be said, a commitment to the introduction of local frequencies would make it difficult investments, or even prevent it. “The state should maximize the proceeds, in spite of all the temptation in any case, otherwise the much-needed capital for the expansion of the grid is missing the network operators. Thus, the economy would fall back location.“