Mobil-home of a belgian couple found in Italy


In the Balen –

The mobile home of a couple of Bags, which might be stolen while they were out for a drink in Italy, it has been found. Reports that their own daughter on Facebook.

“We are all super grateful for it for share, and 8,000 times and shared it! It is because of you that we have found. Thank you, thank you!” Update posted She Clearly Thursday night shows on Facebook for the invitation to testify about the removal of the mobile home with her mother and step-father.

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The theft occurred this past Sunday afternoon, a little after 15 hours. “My mom and stiefpapa had on Sunday in their rv and parked it in Pozzuoli < / i> (for a port on the bay of Naples, ed.) . They were in a wheelchair, mom looks like, and a little further down for something to drink. When she came back half an hour later, it was in their mobile home away. There was nothing more to be seen in the parking lot. No glass, nothing, nothing…”

Michel and Rose (58 and 65 years of age) took first with a friend, and they know it. That was for them to pick up and took them to the police station. “The cops gave up the mobile home when aimed at it, but she told me right away that they have no surveillance video of the parking lot we had.”

Nancy’s parents were at the heart of it. “There was such a long time for the mobile homes would be saved. My step-father went to all the matches of Club Brugge and watch it. It was a real dream come true. And it’s not just the mobile home itself, but also whatever it was…”

as a couple, it would normally be until the 14th of september in Italy, but due to the theft, they had already in the past. “With the aircraft.”

She says, now The Latest News is that they are spoken by the man in the vehicle was found. “Somewhere in a field in France. A friend of mine has been to the police, and have yet to even dubbelgecheckt with the vehicle identification number.” The stickers are from Club Brugge and the mobile home are very recognisable, have been removed. “The front is even a green and spray-painted, and the back is gray. On the weekend we are there. Then and only then, will we know what is out there, it has disappeared and how great the damage is.”

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