Mobike loses his Boss: bike sharing is not thought just like we


    Who lives in Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, or Düsseldorf, you should have seen the orange-silver bikes of Mobike. Because they are not only at stations, but everywhere in the cities spread. The rental bike service that comes from China, in its home market, the company is controlled together with the competitors Ofo 90 percent of the market. The Internet giant Tencent, which is behind the Chatapp Wechat, put with other investors once the $ 600 million in the Start-up. No wonder that it is quickly and aggressively expanded and dreamt to conquer Europe. But this could now be Stalled.

    Bastian Benrath

    editor in the economy.

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    the young entrepreneur Hu Weiwei is in China is very known, as Chairwoman of the, which she founded, Bicycle rental service, resigned and left the company. Mobike was taken over in April last year for $ 2.7 billion from the Chinese Internet group Meituan-Dianping. At the time, Hu said, she wanted to use the money for further Expansion. A spokesman for Mobike said FAZ.NET now, you have helped for eight months to assist in the Transition, and leave the company by mutual agreement. The resignation was, therefore, on the 22. December instead.

    In a letter to all Mobike staff Hu wrote that it was important that the industry of bike sharing services have abandoned their radical expansion strategy. Mobike would now have to cultivate more of his “basic skills”. This was a difficult task. “I hope that’s clear to everyone that you are dying as an organization, if there is no progress,” wrote the founder.

    Aggressive growth also in Germany, there is a Problem

    The aggressive growth of Asian Bicycle services in the past, also in the German cities Problem. After the bankruptcy of Singapore-born service Obike German cities complained about the fact that you have hundreds of bikes blocking the sidewalks, and the company is no longer simply to reach. In the major Chinese cities dropped and scrap towers back to the mountains of maturity, bikes and even a huge Bike.