For many Brazilians, he is a folk hero, to many a Putschist and a traitor. In any case, the former Federal judge Sérgio Moro is one of the Central figures in the Cabinet of the new right-wing populist President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. Moro the with extended competences, the Ministry of justice and public security, which also assumes the functions of the dissolved Ministry of labour. In addition, Moro for the control of financial transactions, as well as the competition and consumer protection jurisdiction.

Famous Moro as a competent judge for the “Operation Lava Jato” (car wash), from March 2014 to the corruption scandal surrounding the state-controlled Oil company Petrobras and other state companies was revealed. Under Moros administration, immigrant leaders of almost all parties, but also behind bars as some of the richest and most famous businessmen in the country. The peak in the Moro campaign in the conviction of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva because of money-laundering and corruption was no doubt. On the Basis of rather thin Evidence Moro condemned by many Brazilians still revered Lula to almost ten years.

Lula and his left-wing workers party PT throw Moro, by questionable methods is crucial to the overthrow of the PT government in 2016, contributed to and to have as a Comeback of Lula in the elections of 2018 will be prevented. No one summed up the Moros influence on the fortunes of Brazil, clear in words as one of his most ardent supporters. The entrepreneur Sirângelo Mello, who, in a small town in the South of Brazil, a life-sized Statue of the Moros build, said after the unveiling of the monument in December: “If Lula would not have gone to prison, would be in Brazil, Bolsonaro chosen.” And further: “This will transform our Brazil, I’m sure.” In fact, in jail, Lula had, however, only after a higher court confirmed Moros judgment and the penalty imposed had increased from ten to twelve years in prison. Also, the exclusion of Lula to the presidential election last year was not a decision Moros, but the highest instances of the Brazilian judiciary.

In his studies of law at universities of the Federal state of Paraná, Moro, a son of Italian immigrants had engaged thoroughly with the actions of the Italian judiciary in the case of the legendary “Mani pulite” of the nineties. As judge Moro made later bonds with the Italian colleagues, who were arrested at that time, thousands of officials, businessmen and politicians, and the traditional parties, the socialists and the Christian Democrats of the political map of the disappearance of Italy. With a Team of young and ambitious prosecutors and investigators, trained, often abroad, put Moro on three essential elements: the early arrest and rapid condemnation of Korrumpierern and Corrupted, the offer of leniency for leniency as well as comprehensive information to the Public on the progress of the investigation, in order to fight back against the pressure of politicians and businessmen on the trains, the conversion of the investigative activity.

media effective arrest of ex-President

Moro and his colleagues followed a clear strategy. Until they caught the small fish, then they asked for their bosses, and other clients, until the investigation eventually led to industry captains and campaign managers of the parties. Rolling corruption and proceedings had been due to the rather random discovery of money dealer and one of the leading Petrobras Manager. Quickly to long prison sentences in, unpacked, both as a leniency, in order to mitigate their sentences. Their statements showed that the corruption belonged firmly to the business model of most companies and, as it were, of the campaign financing for almost all parties served.

Long Moro had been assured that it did not seek any political career, and his investigations and Judgments of any other goals follow as the fight against corruption. To believe the falls, however, is difficult. At least Moro has intervened at some Points of the recent history of Brazil his skills limitations, to influence the course of things is crucial. Such as the ex-President Lula the media of a large the police left the interrogation to dissipate. Lula was surprised by the commando action at the time, the media were informed, however, in advance. Later, Moro published the recording of a telephone to give a call between Lula and the former President, Dilma Rousseff, and thus thwarting their plans, Lula, by an appeal to the Minister of immunity from the reach of justice. Just on the eve of the presidential election in October 2018 and, finally, Moro by jabbing the interrogation protocols of Lula’s former Finance Minister, Antônio Palocci, the weighted Lula and the whole of PT in it.