Miguel Poveda, Farruquito and Vicente Amigo, among the highlights of Flamenco on Fire 2020


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The seventh edition of Flamenco on Fire , one of the annual events most important of its kind in our country, has managed to adapt to the circumstances of the health crisis, and already have dates for their celebration this summer.

Between the 26th and 30th of August, the city of Pamplona /Iruña will again be the epicentre where he will meet the most diverse, innovative and relevant to the scene flemish current. Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the death of Sabicas , the master of the guitar, born in the capital of the navarre region, the programming will pay homage to his figure, central to the international dissemination of flamenco, from which sprang the unstoppable fusion with other musical streams.

With the goal of creating a festival scrupulously responsible, Flamenco on Fire 2020 adapt its format to comply with guidelines and recommendations of the health authorities. In this way, both the activities that will be held in closed venues such as the street will have a series of measures to ensure the safety of the attendees, and that will be detailed in the next few days.

The festival will have for the first time with an opening day in Tudela , and will bring together on stage the most representative and interesting of the scene flemish current in all its extension. is Miguel Poveda, Vicente Amigo, Farruquito, Hill, Carmona, Serrano, and Barrueta, Pitingo and Chano Domínguez with the Symphony Orchestra of Navarra, conducted by Óliver Díaz will be the protagonists of a series of great concerts that soon will be added more artists and activities. All tickets can be purchased in www.flamencoonfire.org.

Miguel Poveda – ABC

Flamenco on Fire 2020 will start on the 26 of August in Tudela and will have Miguel Poveda as the protagonist. One of the voices indisputable of the scene flemish during the last three decades, the singer will present at the Teatro Gaztambide (21:30 h) a show in which part of the flamenco roots to unfold all of their musical diversity. A day later, August 27, Vicente Amigo will display in the Auditorium Bastion Pamplona/Iruña his wisdom to the guitar in the live Memory of the senses, in claiming its roots of flamenco.

The Friday 28, again in the Auditorio Baluarte, there will come a turn of the dance of the hand of Farruquito , and Intimate, a show with which the dancer summarizes three decades on the stage and that will count with Remedios Amaya as guest artist. is on Saturday 28, the Gayarre Theatre of the capital of navarre will live at 20:00 h presentation of Twenty Twenty , the formation that binds to four of the musicians most recognized of the Spanish music scene: Javier Colina (double bass), Josemi Carmona (guitar), Antonio Serrano (harmonica) and Borja Barrueta (drums). On the same day in the Auditorio Baluarte, at 21:30 h, Pitingo will display your flamenco untethered with a half-breed and border.

Farruquito – ABC

Finally, Sunday 30 will be the day that attendees at the Auditorio Baluarte can live the union outstanding among the pianist Chano Domínguez and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra directed by Óliver Díaz. Together construed Cai to New Orleans, a suite of three movements that find the paths that go from the flamenco tradition of the blues and jazz.

the rest of The concerts and activities of an edition in that it makes tribute to maestro Sabicas on the 30th anniversary of his death will be announced soon.

Sabicas – ABCEl poster of the new edition

The designer, illustrator, typographer and artist Óscar Mariné, the international benchmark for visual communication, signs the poster and the new image of the festival . With this poster, pure essence, which reflects the strength and vitality with the festival is looking for to renew the scene flemish, Marino has created an image, minimalist and powerful, in which the typography and color are joined to the figure of the maestro Sabicas . National Design award in 2010 in recognition of his long career, the works of Oscar Mariné already form part of the Spanish cultural history, from its iconic posters for movies like “All about my mother”, “Earth” or “the day of the beast”, and even album covers for musicians such as Brian Eno, The smiths or Michel Camilo and Tomatito and corporate identities for companies and international brands.

The Foundation Flamenco on Fire wants to thank the public for their patience in an edition gestated over a social situation is completely atypical. In the same way, you want to highlight the support and provision of the institutions (Baluarte Foundation, Government of Navarra Municipality of Pamplona, Bardenas Reales, Reyno de Navarra, Nicdo, City of Tudela and Gaz kaló), without whose help the festival and its dissemination of flamenco art would not be possible. Finally, he extended this thanks to the media, indispensable to publicize the activities of Flamenco on Fire since its inception.