Miguel Abellán: We are as crazy about open Sales and that the season will not go blank


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enterprise Plaza-1, awarded the management of the plaza de toros de Sales, has been extended sine die by its decision not to give bullfights or novilladas in the Monumental, the property of the Community of Madrid, by the crisis of the Covid-19.

“Faced with the impossibility to ensure the fulfilment of sanitary measures that are specified in the order 668/2020 of June 19, 2020 of the ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, which establishes preventive measures to address the health crisis caused by the Covid-19, it extended the suspension of bullfighting at the Bullring of The Sales until the necessary conditions of health to ensure full safety of the spectators. Starting next week the company will contact the subscribers of season to start the refund of the amount of their subscriptions “, says the comuncado of Square 1.

the managing director of The Center of Affairs Bullfighting, Miguel Abellán, made it clear to ABC that this is not “a definitive suspension of the season.” What happens then? “The company has filed an appeal in the one who understands the security measures of Sanitation to avoid posbiles contagions, by the peculiarity of the square in access and the output, and taking into account the average age of fans, most older people with risks, not make feasible the opening up of the plaza”. Is there some option to that later and in the Autumn Fair: has bulls? “We will try as far as possible. We are as crazy about open square and that the season will not go blank,” says Abellán.

finally sound the bugles in the coso venteño, the legal advisor of the Center of Bullfighting, Enrique Alcorta , he explained that it is studying a formula of rebalancing economic, given the high canon, is suspended for the moment, and the non-use of the arena.

The bullfighter of madrid made these statements to ABC this Tuesday in the concentrations of the banderilleros and biting in front of the Ministry of Labour. “I’m here supporting my sector to see that the aid promised by the minister Uribes , the minister Yolanda Diaz is denying systematically when the bullfighters are recognized as artists. We understand that they are committing a criminal act”. And he added: “We feel deceived, cheated, and scorned. I think that in this country the citizens we should all be equal before the law, with equal rights and equal opportunities . This sector provides vast amounts of money, with charges, VAT and Social Security, and all of these professionals are doomed to poverty absolut to. We understand that the prevailing personal taste and an ideology that wants to stifle the bullfighting. We claim a right, the Constitution we cover”.