The EU Mission “Sophia” in the Mediterranean sea should serve to combat smuggling off the coast of Africa. That was and is urgently needed, because the Libyan coast guard is the weak link of North African border security against illegal Migration. The ships of the Mission, but were, like all ships on the high seas, “committed on the side” to the rescue in distress that has arisen refugees – and thousands were saved.

But at the same time, has been documented in this way, the smugglers are still in business. Italy has protested against it, while zealously, by taking up no more refugees, but at the same time nothing is done to ensure that the vessels were used, where you your order.

Germany has now pulled out in Protest against Italy the rip cord and sends a new ship. Italy throbs, in turn, to a better distribution of the refugees. Their number may be declining. The dispute about “Sophia” shows, but On times when you will be again fast in the height, the EU is still very bad.