the Lamin-N, dao, player, that resembled the Sporting Lokeren, was given on Friday to be told that his father, who is already sick, died. A few urelater came the awful news: his mother, overcome with grief, living alone. N dao was made to his native country, traveled to us for the funeral and to be able to attend. “I have been Sporting Lokeren family is deeply saddened and is living in the mind, along with Lamin, and his family, and his friends”, please let the club know about it.
More about the Sporting Lokeren, Lokeren beat Roeselare, for the first seizoenszege at 1B Crisisoverleg in the Midlands and after a dramatic start of the season at 1B, It’s going from bad to worse, with the city of Lokeren: rammeling in Virton, and only in the last Scenery release in the Czech striker’s eight-months ‘ time to return to the home country