A Michigan teenager is accused of shooting at school in a fatal shooting. His parents are asking for a lower bond and a release from jail.

James Crumbley and Jennifer Crumbley are currently in prison, unable to raise $500,000 to release them both and await their trial for involuntary murder charges.

Lawyers stated that the Crumbleys pose no risk to the public, and they would wear electronic monitoring devices. On Tuesday, Oakland County Judge Cheryl Matthews will hear arguments on a request for lowering the bond to $100,000 per person.

Ethan Crumbley (age 16) is being charged with murder and other offenses. On Nov. 30, four students were killed and several more were injured in a shooting at Oxford High School.

They are charged with failing to secure a gun at home and failing care to their son when he was in mental distress. They have pleaded guilty.

Defense attorneys Shannon Smith and Mariell lehman stated that the Crumbleys were “absolutely shocked parents who had no cause to predict what would happen”.

Oakland County’s prosecutor opposes a lower bond to Crumbleys. He points out that a similar request was rejected by a judge at a lower court.