Michelle Keegan is in good spirits as she films the final scenes of season four of Sky Max comedy Brassic.

Michelle Keegan is filled with joy at the completion of filming for Brassic’s fourth series.

After completing her last scenes as Erin Croft, the 34-year old couldn’t hide her smile and hugged her crew members.

The next scenes show Erin trying to escape from an unsuccessful attempt to steal a memory card from the posh home. She is forced to push Vinny into cover when a car returns to the “burgled” house only for Vinny not to take the card.

After being disturbed, the couple can be seen kneeling desperately trying to locate the card.

Michelle has had a busy few months. She’s been traveling to the north-west to film and is now taking a break.

Coronation Street star is planning to enjoy some time off before taking on her next role, an insider has claimed.

“Michelle is one the most hardworking actresses in the nation. “She has been working non-stop for the past year, and she hasn’t had any rest,” a source claimed to Sun.

They said that it was not easy filming during Covid Times and that the star is ready to take a break.
The insider said that she had barely taken time to look after Our Girl before starting Brassic. However, she is expected to make a few adjustments before she announces her next big venture.

“She hasn’t decided yet how long she wants.”

The Mirror reached out to Michelle’s representatives for comment.

Michelle was Tina McIntyre’s star on Coronation Street in 2008, and she remained there until her death in 2014.

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Michelle may have a full-time job, but her private life is just as busy. She and Mark Wright are involved in a major building project.