Míchel left the Cougars due to personal reasons and family three days of the start garter belts


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Míchel he has stopped coaching the Pumas mexican just three days before the start of the Tournament Opening, an unexpected decision that is due to “personal reasons and family.”

Míchel took over the team from the National University in may of 2019, and was only a few hours of debut this season. However, in a joint statement with the club, the Spanish coach decided to put an end to his career in Mexico.

“All the workers of this club have achieved a very difficult thing, which is feel like home. So far away, but so close,” said Míchel in the press release.

“it is certain that with this human material, since the directive from the coaching staff and from the players, the club Pumas are going to get what you’ve always wanted: to be close to positions of leadership and power go out a champion. It remains for me to be confident that from Spain I’m going back to see Pumas champion”, he finished.

Míchel , 57 years old, has also trained during his career as a technician at Rayo Vallecano, Castilla, Getafe, Sevilla, Olympiacos, Marseille and Malaga.