In the 1970s, host Michel Drucker fell under the spell of a certain Dany Saval. “When Claude François introduced me to Dany, I had this wonderful intuition that she would be the woman of my life”, he had declared in the columns of Gala and added: “Like all long-term couples , the sky was sometimes overcast, but the sun came back very quickly. I never thought that my couple would explode. I was certain that I would grow old with Dany”.

In love as ever, the young woman decides to put her career on hold for the benefit of her famous husband. “She wanted me to succeed. And she convinced me that she wouldn’t suffer from it. around this job. The rhinestones, the sequins, it did not interest him at all”, he explained to our colleagues.

If Michel Drucker did not want a child, it is partly because he found paternal love with his stepdaughter, Stéfanie Jarre, from the relationship between Dany Saval and Maurice Jarre. Especially since his wife did not want to relive a second pregnancy. “Stéfanie was born in very complicated conditions. Dany would have taken risks by falling pregnant again. She didn’t want to go through that again,” said the host.

Michel Drucker immediately considered the child as his adopted daughter. “I fell in love with Stéfanie, I immediately considered her my family. I saw her grow up, work, the years passed and I didn’t feel the need to have a another child”, he had declared to Gala.

More recently, in an interview with Femme Actuelle, the star of Vivement Dimanche and her daughter-in-law had discussed their relationship. “I’m the step-dad, but I prefer to say the dad, because for me it’s my daughter (…) “She was without a dad if I dare say since the biological dad had disappeared”, he said. – he declared and Stéfanie to add: “Michel was exceptional because he supported me, he helped me, he was also afraid of losing me, that undoubtedly strengthened the bonds”.

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