(WSVN – Although the calendar states that Thanksgiving is in future, calendars lie!

Although we understand that it can be a longer celebration if you have leftovers, you can still make them look amazing.

How can you turn a Thanksgiving plate of leftovers into this? Aaron Dreilinger, a personal chef, knows the secret.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: It’s important to be open-minded and creative, and not complicate the flavors. Let them speak for themselves.

While it’s fine to eat turkey on two pieces of bread, your dish must look great.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: Make them beautiful. Make it beautiful. That’s how you spice it up and make it stunning.

This is also known as Turkey Arancini, or the reworking of leftovers.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: It’s an Italian dish made with stuffed risotto and some meat. Today it’s a mashed potato ravioli filled with roasted turkey and warmed up cranberry relish.

We are mainly mashed potato balls stuffed with diced turkey.

Then, coat them in flour, egg wash, and bread crumbs before deep-frying them.

Two minutes later, and boom — Turkey Arancini.

Let’s now talk about the cranberries.

You have to first warm them up.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: It gets a little of the jelly type of going, and we’re going to plate it with it.”

You might achieve this by placing the arancini on top of a rich line of cranberry-sauce.

Do not be surprised if you are called a culinary genius by your friends and family.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: “Taking a dish and making it into something new is a challenge. This is a fun type of mystery basket.”

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