In Chiapas, Mexico, is a protest against the mayor, Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández grown up with a vengeance. Some of the angry farmers claimed that the major was back at the pivotal points of the campaign, which is a great deal of controversy it caused during the war.

Consequently, the farmers take matters into their own hands. With sticks and stones, pushed them to the exit of the basement in order for him to be kidnapped. They tied the man to a truck and drag him a few blocks away on the ground. Until then, the police are in it for the gruesome action to stop it. Eleven people were arrested and twenty were injured. The mayor, himself, came out from there, with scrapes and bruises.

The men who did it are derived from, Santa Rita, and is angry with the mayor of his election promises do not comply with our wishes. During his campaign he promised new roads, and to make sure that there is access to drinking water and electricity to the people. This was a community of five hundred residents, a key issue in order to cast a vote.

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