Meteorologists warn – “It comes to gusts of wind and lots of lightning strikes,”On Saturday evening a strong storm to pull over to Switzerland. It may come in Floods.0 comment lightning strikes during a thunderstorm over the city of Zurich.Photo: Urs Jaudas/Tamedia

The weather shows its wild side. After a fairly Sunny and warm summery Friday, it comes on Saturday to strong thunderstorms. The reason for the bad weather: Deep Nadine. The warm temperatures in Switzerland, and the moist air of the lows make for an explosive mixture, and thus a strong storm.

At noon it’s supposed to be, according to Stefan Scherrer by Meteonews still quiet. In some Parts of Switzerland could show even the sun. It has to be maximum expected values of clearly above 20 degrees. In the evening, the shower and thunderstorm risk continues to rise significantly. “The Thunderstorms have severe weather potential. It comes to gusts of wind and lots of lightning strikes,” says Scherrer, compared to “20 minutes”.

According to the meteorologists, the risk of isolated waters on the shore is also. Smaller landslides are possible.

On Sunday, it stays gray and cloudy. According to Scherrer, a typical day to stay at home. It should fall less rain, however the temperatures drop and the weather remains fickle. It looks similar to the Start of the next week.

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