In Egypt, is missing, according to the foreign office after the Disappearance of a young man, the second German. The German Embassy was in contact with the authorities and trying in both cases, with emphasis to education, said a spokesman for the foreign Ministry in Berlin on Monday. “There are two different cases of German nationals who are missing. We are concerned with those since a few days, and we take both very seriously,“ he said. With a view to the Welfare of the Affected no further data could be made.

According to dpa-information is in the first case, an 18-year-old boy from a pour, the on 17. December wanted to enter via Luxor in the country, to visit his grandfather in Cairo. Before the next flight to the capital, the contact broke off, and confirmed to be the father of the dpa. Since there is no trace of his son.

In the second case, a 23-year-old German, who with his brother on the 27. December tried to enter the Cairo airport in Egypt. The authorities arrested the young man at the airport and let his brother enter, his mother confirmed to the dpa. Since then, at the time of entry held is gone.

Both men to a German mother and a Egyptian father, and have reported to both the state’s citizens.