the Queen Maxima and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, walked up to each other last Tuesday at the body on the streets of New York city. When the two of them have a chat with the beat, it was angela Merkel just as confused as when the Maxima reported what they were learning was carried out by the United Nations (un). The German chancellor, could not understand what the ‘I’ of the queen’s had been. After a few seconds, I realized angela Merkel, that the word “France” had been confused with the German word ‘I’. Maxima had just samengezeten with France to ensure that women’s rights are discussed.

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If we can see its not the usual queen Máxima is shaking with pleasure, on the hips loose on the dance floor

What is the matter with angela Merkel? Chancellor, it vibrates constantly during the national anthem:

it’s Very strange, Angela Merkel, will begin for a second time, and to tremble at the ceremony:
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