Meghan’s first Spotify podcast will focus on stereotypes of women


Prince Harry and Meghan will host the first podcast in their partnership with Spotify. It will be about stereotypes and harmful labels that are applied to women.

Meghan will host the podcast “Archetypes”, which is due to launch in the summer.

According to Spotify’s summary, the series will feature interviews of historians and experts who “investigate labels that try to keep women back.” On Thursday , the streaming service released a teaser of a minute long. It opened with clips showing using the words “slut”, “skanky,” and discussing stereotypes about women’s intelligence and strength.

The clip features Meghan, the Duchess and Archetypes.

There has not been an announcement of the guest list.

Harry and Meghan have signed a multi-year agreement to host and produce podcasts on Spotify. This is under the production company Archewell Audio. The couple urged the streaming service to take action to counter COVID-19 misinformation.

This is just one of many high-profile deals that the couple have, including one with Netflix. In March 2020, Harry and Meghan decided to resign from their royal duties due to what they called intrusions and racist attitudes by the British media towards the duchess. Since then, they have moved to California where they now live with their two children, Archie (and Lili)