Belgium – Since Meghan Markle they did sound like a ‘doula’ though a little less odd to the ear. Also, Flanders is gradually introduced to the profession, but a well-established practice, it is not possible right now. Agnes King (46) from Lier will help for almost twenty years, the baby of the world as a doula, first of all, without obligation, for my friends, since 2008, they have a training to attend.

“I was a doula before I knew”, it will have your Guests laugh. “A friend of mine who wanted to be at the birth, like a number of other people, where they felt comfortable with. It was such a great experience that I also feel very good. Not long after, asking a friend to it. Without realizing it, I had my dream job is to address that, because that’s when I knew what a doula was. Later, I came across it by accident online somewhere and I realized that this is what I would like to have more to do. In Antwerp, I went on a course to follow.”

The word doula comes from ancient Greek and literally means “servant-woman”. A doula can be best described as a maternity and/or birth coach. She is a person who, in addition to the medical care of the pregnant and the nurse, parents-to-be practically and emotionally counsel and support during pregnancy and childbirth. For the avoidance of doubt, a doula yourself do not require medical checks.

“We’ll be there for the mommies to ease the pain and help alleviate it. During the delivery, we will continue to be there all the time, or only now, but for a few hours or over a 24-hour period. An expectant mum is often a very emotional experience. It’s often the little things – a pat on the back or some encouraging words that will make a world of difference. Also, on a physical level, we can make a difference. Because it gave birth to is a top-level sports, so to speak. We will give you all sorts of tips, or apply such techniques to make it as enjoyable as possible,” says the doula. “It is important for you to be able to empathize and feel what the mothers want/don’t want to. For that reason, we are in advance, typically, have been introduced to and discuss their concerns and needs. During the delivery, we will then take this into account and make the most of this help has to be respected.”