Measures due to Corona – equality: the Federal Council sees no need for further action, The Corona of a crisis to bring a gender equality policy challenges. In Interpellations, the Green, GLP and SP are calling for solution suggestions. 0 commentary women are blocking the traffic at the railway station on International women’s day, recorded on Sunday, 8. March 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. Photo: Keystone/Ennio Leanza

The Federal Council is aware that the Corona-crisis, Switzerland is also a gender equality policy challenges. The consequences of the crisis could have an impact unequally on the sexes.

the Federal Council, wrote on Monday in answers to Interpellations, which has prized the Council office as a matter of urgency. They form the Basis for the current debate, which will be conducted on Thursday in the national Assembly.

In the Interpellations require the Green, the GLP and the SP answers to possible solutions. Because according to the green liberals, the Corona shows-crisis, “that in the case of the equality, and the reconciliation of family and working huge action is needed,” the group writes.

measures already

The failure of nurseries, and large initiated and led the parents have to be massively higher Care. There is a lack of infrastructure, which could make the collection, writes the GLP. The Federal Council should, therefore, look for an Expansion and better funding of the organizations of external childcare in the eye.

The Federal government support the reconciliation of family and gainful employment with a temporary pulse program, writes the government to. Additional places for the day care of children should be created. In addition, he is actually supporting the cantons, which continue to expand their subsidisation of the family-additional childcare.

The Green bodies of various further measures for discussion, including a “professional, government-supported care offensive”. The Federal Council sees here, however, the cantons have a duty. Where possible, have been taken by the government measures, such as the above-mentioned pulse program.

more Attractive nursing jobs

The Greens also call for that the working conditions in the system of the relevant Professions will be improved. This concerns the government is carrying about with the master plan, “education, nursing” bill, writes the Federal Council. With the training program in the indirect counter-proposal to care initiative support, he is also a strengthening of the nursing staff.

with Respect to the question of measures for the implementation and enforcement of equal pay, the government refers to the revised gender equality act, the on 1. July will enter into force. Companies with at least one hundred employees will have to perform a pay equity analysis is reviewed by an independent body.

Commission for housekeeper

The SP group focused on domestic workers, which had been taken from the Corona-crisis. It brings about a Committee of experts with a number of interest groups on the Table, “to find workable solutions to improve the Situation”. In addition, structural solutions were examined, for example in terms of training, control of wages and working conditions.

The Federal Council sees no need for a Commission. He had continuously taken the necessary measures, he writes. Also certain demands for structural measures had already been met. As an example, he cites the possibility of a simplified accounting of social insurance contributions, in order to combat black labour.

reintegration of women

the national Council President Moret calls on the Federal Council with a proposal to give the Parliament an Overview of the needs and the offer in terms of advice to facilitate the vocational reintegration of women. The focus is on the eleven counselling centres that were previously funded by the Federal government should be.

The Federal Council rejects this postulate, as he wrote in his written response of September last year. Six counselling centres have found other sources of funding. Three Advisory bodies have ceased operation. In two Places, the Situation is not yet fully understood. Analyses also showed that there is at the cantonal level, many of the support services.

(SDA /sep)

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