McDonald’s adds four viral menu hacks to its actual menu, including this epic Big Mac creation


McDonald’s has added a McChicken to its iconic Big Mac sandwich with the “Land, Air & Sea” menu hack.

McDonald’s customers have been creating their own recipes from the menu. Now, the Golden Arches will let customers place orders by name.

This week, the brand announced that they would be adding four of their viral menu hacks from social media to their menu starting Jan. 31.

Although customers will still need to build them, it is much easier to order by name.

The Land, Air & Sea is the largest of all the Big Macs. It takes a classic Big Mac with two 100% beef patties, cheese, onions, pickles, and pickles and adds a McChicken or a Hot & Spicy McChicken, depending on the flavor, and a Filet-o-Fish. (Good luck trying to get all that in one bite).

The Crunchy Double is close behind. The Crunchy Double starts with a Double Cheeseburger and adds crunch to the sandwich with 6 Chicken McNuggets. It gets an extra kick from the Tangy BBQ Sauce.

The Hash Brown McMuffin is only available during breakfast hours. It’s a new version of McDonald’s famous morning sandwich. The Hash Brown McMuffin is a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin With Egg that includes a crispy hashbrow for extra deliciousness.

The Surf +Turf is the last item available via McDonald’s App and McDelivery. This combination of a Double Cheeseburger with Filet-o-Fish creates a new version of the classic plate .

McDonald’s has promoted its secret menu hacks in the past, but they haven’t named it on their menu.

released a series of McMuffin hacks in November to celebrate 50 years of Egg McMuffin.

For a unique take on the classic BLT, they suggested adding bacon and tomato to it or adding McChicken (from McChicken Biscuit sandwich), and a side dish of syrup.

McDonald’s says that spicy Buffalo sauce or salsa can be added to the sandwich by ordering them on the side.

You might prefer something sweeter. You can try grape jam with a hashbrown or strawberry preserves with extra butter.