Instead of “Plan B” is now Plan “A 2.0” – so, in a nutshell summarize what Theresa May presented on Monday in the lower house. On Sunday, it was clear that her attempt to set a new, cross-party consensus, would not fructify. In a phone conference with her Cabinet, the Prime Minister had made the Labour Chairman Jeremy Corbyn responsible.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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Brexit opponents, however, accuse her of not wanting to seriously with the opposition parties to negotiate. The cartoonist of the “Times” drew May on Monday, with ears that are clogged by red lines, and let them say: “I hear!” In fact, Jan had stretched out her Hand hesitantly, after the Parliament had rejected the “Deal” last Tuesday, clear. All Attempts to find a new solution would need to redeem to be driven by the aim of “the Referendum”, she had said then. This Redeem is interpreted by you in great detail.

Although the British in June of 2016, formally, only pronounced, “to leave the European Union”, May with the vote of further orders connected, which is derived from the promises in the election campaign. One of these is to the end of the free movement of persons, which excludes according to the EU principles – membership in the internal market, and an “independent trade policy”, which is only possible if Britain does not enter into the customs Union with the EU. Especially the Latter had asked Corbyn.

on top of that, he stated a condition of talks that May take the Option of an uncontrolled exit (No-Deal Brexit) “from the table”. This, however, May see it as an important leverage in further negotiations with the EU. In addition, it would divide their party even deeper, and, moreover, a new legislation require procedures, you should to the voices of the Opposition to leave.

Mays Deal remains in the population unpopular

Mays Ministers only joy about the emerging direction is not. One of the Brexit opponents in the Cabinet, explained the Plan to the Prime Minister, according to a newspaper report for “crazy”. Others, such as trade Minister, Liam Fox, and the development of Mordaunt Minister Penny, however, supported the idea in Brussels to negotiate. Also from the camp of Euro-sceptics in the conservative group, encouraging signals broke. To this wing the adoption of the Brussels-agreed exit agreement had failed.

Influential eurosceptics, such as Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, both had to leave in Protest against the “Backstop”regulation for Northern Ireland, the Cabinet, the high-vote defeat of the last week seen as a “mandate for Negotiations”. Jacob Rees-Mogg, who leads the Euro-sceptics in the Tory group, said on Sunday in a newspaper article: “if I Had the choice between No Deal and Mays Deal, I would not hesitate to choose No-Deal, but Mays is the better Deal, as to not leave the EU.” This was interpreted as a movement, the Euro-sceptics could agree to the withdrawal agreement, they would have to fear that a parliamentary majority will be descendants of Brexit prevented.