The synod of bishops at the Vatican, has on Saturday called for the ordination to the priesthood of married men in the local and regional cases.

the majority of the participants in the seminar to discuss the problems of the Amazon region have accepted the proposal to include “appropriate and qualified” men to the priesthood, ordination, and even though they have families of their own.

According to the final document, have a few of the bishops represented in this theme is on “universal” level that is to be cut. It is expressly said, that the abolition of the centuries-old celibacy is not an issue.

A synod, does not take legally binding decisions, but to make a report to the pope. The text will serve as a basis for further discussion. Some men can be used for the final document and vote.

Pope Francis will close on Sunday with the Niagara synod of wonder.

Three weeks ago the bishops and experts from Latin America and other parts of the world, held an exchange of views on the special challenges facing the church in the Amazon region. In these countries there is a shortage of priests, so the proposal is to fell to get a married men to the priesthood, and to devote to it. It to severe criticism came from the conservative clergy. That is fear, that is, ultimately, the abandonment of the vows of celibacy could be permanent.

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