” Loss & profit “. Why hurry so that he would be so careful to wait… Some of them, around the table of the council of ministers this Wednesday, October 17, you may well be tempted to ask for a little time yet before making a decision on the energy policy of France for the next ten years, as defined in a multi-annual Programming of energy (EPP).

But to govern is to choose, and often between solutions, all imperfect. A form of application for electricity by the principle of “same time” dear to the president of the Republic. In the same way that Lenin argued that communism was ” the Soviets plus electricity “, the macronisme should be understood as ” the ecology more nuclear “. Not easy.

It’s going to have to find a solution to reconcile the three goals. The first is the respect of the climate goals. This is the reason for which the French government has decided the closure of the last coal-fired power plants to the French and, in the longer term, the end of hydrocarbons.

so This should strengthen the position of pronuclear, because this energy has the huge advantage of emitting very little CO2. But this is not to the liking of environmentalists and a fringe non-negligible amount of the population. The resignation sword of Nicolas Hulot, at the beginning of September, attest to this.

The second objective of the energy policy will, therefore, not to despair of the environmentalists. These had to register in the law of energy transition in a reduction from 75% to 50 % of the share of nuclear in electricity production in france by 2025. Objective postponed to a later date, that will secure the new PEPS. The minister of ecological transition and solidarity, François de Rugy, intends to take the opportunity to endorse the closure of at least six reactors prior to 2029.

Recognize the reality

This is not the point…