Did you plan a sausage and mash dinner this week? Attention ! After potentially infected charcuterie and Carrefour raclette cheese, the Socopa brand has taken the decision to recall its Beaufort sausages across France, reports the Rappel Conso site. The cause: the suspected presence of metallic foreign bodies in these products. You therefore risk injuring yourself or ingesting pieces of metal while eating your sausages…

Reminder Conso therefore advises not to consume the product, but to throw it away or bring it back to the supermarket where you bought it. In the latter case, you can also claim compensation from your point of sale. Another way to get a refund for this regrettable purchase is to contact Socopa Consumer Services with proof of purchase.

To find out if you are potentially affected and where to bring your compromised sausages, Planet has produced the slideshow below.

Before running to the supermarket, make sure that the references correspond to the recalled item, knowing that these sausages have been sold throughout France. Here is, according to Conso Recall, the reference to identify: