A new product marketed in many supermarkets in France is subject to a recall procedure this Friday, June 17. These are “chichis” Le Gaulois.

These are “tasty and crispy sticks in a twisted format”, specifies the brand, sold in 200 gram cases. They are generally sold in the nugget department of supermarkets for around 3 euros.

Except that a control recently revealed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in one of the batches. This bacterium of animal origin is responsible for listeriosis, a serious toxic infection that can lead to sepsis or infection of the central nervous system, explains the Institut Pasteur. Fragile, elderly people, children and pregnant women are particularly at risk of developing it if they consume contaminated food.

The batch of breaded chicken recalled in store is as follows:

The chichis were marketed in the four corners of France from May 14 to June 8, 2022. In our slideshow, discover the brands that sold the suspicious lot.

If you bought the offending nuggets, above all, do not eat them! Bring them back to the store, where you can get a refund until July 1.

If, however, you have already consumed the product, and you suffer from fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches and body aches, consult a doctor without delay. Be vigilant: the incubation period for listeriosis can run up to 8 weeks.