Massive data theft: the suspect Anger at politicians announced as a motive


    after The large-scale data theft in the case of politicians and other Celebrities arrested suspects acted according to the investigation from Trouble. The 20-year-old man from Central Hessen have stated, to have indignation about the public Statements of politicians, journalists and public figures acted, informed the Federal criminal police office on Tuesday in Wiesbaden. He was not previously convicted, had confessed to the crime and is cooperating with the authorities. In the absence of Detention, he was now released.

    The perpetrator claimed to have acted alone. So far there is no evidence to third parties that have been involved in the data theft, it said. The apartment of the man was on Sunday searched. The exact location of the BKA informed. The information that the Accused should live in the parental home and in a school the ratio. The BKA is not described him as being “very computer literate”, the appropriate training he had. The fundamental Computer interest and time were the factors that caused many young people without computer science training to acquire such knowledge and, accordingly, the Internet could act, it said.

    He had published on the now-locked Twitter account @_0rbit in December, data from approximately 1000 current and former politicians, Celebrities and journalists are on the Internet. Some of the information he had provided earlier to the grid. About 50 cases were serious, because more data have been published packages, such as private data, photos and correspondence.