Massachusetts police respond to group of “heavily armed men” who claim to not recognize our laws


According to police, the men fled the Wakefield woods with rifles and handguns.

In Wakefield, Massachusetts, a bizarre incident took place Saturday morning. Local police report that several heavily -armed men who claimed to be part of a group that doesn’t recognize our laws fled their cars and fled to the woodline near Interstate Highway 95, during a vehicle stop.

Around 1:30 AM, a state trooper came upon a group of 8-10 people who were refueling along the I-95 highway in Wakefield. This suburb is just outside of Boston. They were dressed in military-style uniforms and carried long guns over their shoulders.

They claimed they were traveling to Maine from Rhode Island, Col. Christopher Mason stated.

Officials claimed they made two arrests while the rest of the group, called “Moorish American Arms”, fled to a wooded area now surrounded and police.

The I-95 stretch is currently closed. People who live near the area can get shelter-in-place orders.

Negotiators from the police are speaking to those who are hiding in the woods. Mason stated, “We’re trying successfully and peacefully to resolve this.”

In a morning statement, the Wakefield Police Department stated that approximately 8 men fled into the woods with rifles and handguns. They appear to have been contained in the area near the highway. Although no threats were made, these men should still be considered dangerous and armed.

Massachusetts State Police are also present at the scene and tweeted early Saturday: “We currently have several armed individuals accounted for at this location on Rt 95. They refuse to give their information or put down their guns. Residents of Reading and Wakefield are being asked to take refuge in their homes at this moment.

Around 6:40 a.m. ET: Members of The Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (Wakefield) announced that two suspects had been arrested. They were taken into police custody and transferred to their barracks.

“The situation continues with the remaining members of this group. They tweeted that they were working to end the situation peacefully.

Police stated that a “heavy police presence” will continue to be in the area and asked residents to lock their doors and remain home.