By the hacker attack have been released, according to information from the Federal government, no sensitive data of the Chancellery. The Vice-government spokeswoman Martina Fietz said on Friday. The same is true for the Chancellor. An unknown person had released personal information and documents of hundreds of German politicians, other Celebrities, and journalists on the Internet. First of all, the RBB had reported about the attack on a large number of politicians from the Bundestag and the country’s politics.

The Federal government is taking the incident “very, very seriously,” said the spokeswoman. The authorities worked on the investigation of the case. This will probably take some time. You are warned that the published data are with “great care”. Even in authentic documents, fake data might be introduced.

it Was a hacker attack?

the especially contact information such as phone numbers and addresses were put online. Also, numerous personal information, as well as internal party documents were published. Are affected but not only politicians, but also celebrities and journalists. Who is behind the attack is unclear. Even if all the data are authentic, is still open. The Federal government also checks whether the on the Internet published data have been fully exploited by a hacker attack. The Twitter Account that Links to the data and documents were shared, has now been locked.

According to information of the news portal t-online, the Hacker did want to get on with its action mainly attention. This intention he had expressed in a Chat, and was apparently ready to commit several breaches of the Law. So the hackers have gained access to the Account of the Youtubers Simon Unge, and on this Account the Links to the data collected made public.