Removal of the Corona-debt – Maurer flashes in the Federal Council, the Finance Minister proposed to allocate national Bank profits for the debt reduction. He not penetrated it. With a rapid debt reduction namely unbound spending could come under pressure.Fabian Renz, Markus Häfliger, Christoph Lenz4 Kommentare4Konnte convince the colleagues: Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (left, here with Viola Amherd and Alain Berset at a media conference. (Keystone)

The media conference was already scheduled. Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (SVP) would have wanted to come in on Wednesday in front of the cameras and the state of its solution for a tricky Problem to explain: how the Federal government tens of billions of francs to get back in, he’s spending now, in order to mitigate the effects of Corona and Lockdown.

Mason Plan saw a comparatively rapid removal of Corona debt before within around 15 years. For this purpose, the SVP Federal Council wanted to reserve the money to fix the state receives each year as a share of the profit of the Swiss national Bank (SNB) – an amount of between 300 million and 1.3 billion Swiss francs.

with that, the SNB would have been deprived of funds in the General budget, which would have automatically led to pressure to make savings in other areas. On this proposal, the masons on Wednesday, the Federal Council submitted, on Thursday reported the NZZ. In addition, a General Moratorium on new spending was on the wish list of the Minister of Finance.

– Bound and unbound editions

research now show, however, it was not possible to masons, to rally a majority of the Federal Council behind his plan. Critical objections brought, among others, Simonetta Sommaruga (SP) and Viola Amherd (CVP) in internal Mitberichten.

The scepticism of the Minister of defence Amherd result is true to the extent that a rapid debt-the arms budget reduction are inevitably under pressure would be. The money for the army belongs to the so-called unbound expenditure. That means that the Federal Council and Parliament have a free Hand to budget cuts – unlike, for example, in the case of social plants, whose costs arising from legal obligations. To include the unbound expenditures are those for agriculture and education also. This explains why civil government against too much financial, political, Strict make.

In the Departments is to listen to the allegation that Maurer’s plans were based on very shaky forecasts.

The Left, in turn, forced saving rejects efforts quite basically. Here, there is a fear of a severe recession, if state investments would be disconnected. In the Departments is to listen to the allegation that Maurer’s plans were based on very shaky forecasts. The actual financial extent of the crisis is currently not possible to predict.

earmarking “makes no sense”

Maurer’s defeat is noted in the response to an Interpellation of the FDP national councillor Olivier Feller, the Federal Council adopted on the same day. Feller suggested in Maurer’s sense – to use the half of last year’s SNB-dividend for the removal of Corona debt. The state government grants the request, a clear rejection: The proposed earmarking “makes no sense”. You invest for the Corona-management of 60 billion Swiss francs; and in the face of such amount of the 666 million from the SNB-profit that would like to put Feller in the debt reduction are “negligible”.

The Federal Council now wants to discuss only at the end of June, again on the subject. Theoretically, it is conceivable that a Mason then convinced a majority. Simply, this is not, however, the scientific task force, which advises the Federal government to Covid-19, spoke about driveway against a fast debt reduction. The scientists propose that the Corona obligations over a period of about 30 years to repay – so about half as fast as it has in mind Mason. “There’s no need for alarmism is due to Covid-state debt,” said Economist Marius Brülhart summed up on Twitter the opinion together.

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