This is the revelation of this season of Mask Singer. New investigator of the program, Chantal Ladesou makes the show in each episode. With her outspokenness, her intuition and her well-felt spades to her comrades, the actress also shines with her sometimes crazy deductions.

During this season, the comedian and resident of the Big heads is often teased by the animator Camille Combal of which she “loves her way of animating”, she assured Planet. But, on a daily basis, it is another man who makes Chantal Ladesou smile: her husband Michel Ansault, whose name she regularly cites among her suspects during her investigations. Could he be one of the stars hidden under the monkey, the turtle or the bear?

Before knowing the answer, Chantal Ladesou confided several times in the man who has shared her life for almost 50 years. “I think I pulled the right number, because it’s not easy to live with me,” she admitted in Télé 7 Jours. “I can be very happy, then all of a sudden, for no reason, become unpleasant, but that passes quickly…”.

From their meeting where she was a cashier at Ranx Kenox to pay for her studies, Chantal Ladesou fell in love with the man who became her husband, manager and father. “He always encouraged me to do this job, even with my two little boys whom I wanted to take care of, I who have been motherless since the age of 15. When, after five years, I I wanted to do theater again, it was he who pushed me out”, assured the actress to our colleagues.

New investigator also this season, Vitaa joined Mask Singer, supported by her children who are fans of the program. Discreet about her intimate life, the singer (Charlotte Gonin, her real name) has been married to her husband Hicham Bendaoud since 2010. From their union, they welcomed their two boys Liham (born in 2011), Adam (born in 2014) and their baby girl Noa (born in 2022).

Juggling between her role as a mother and her life as a singer, Vitaa had no trouble reconciling all of this with the filming of Mask Singer. “I had already gone on tour, a month after giving birth, so I’m used to it”, admitted Slimane’s accomplice in July 2022, at a press conference for the show in which Planet was present. “On the other hand, it was the first time I left her because they are long days. We arrive at 9-10 a.m. and we leave at midnight sometimes. It was not easy, but I receive videos all day long. day, I show them to my colleagues”.

Accustomed to this pace of work, Vitaa also finds time to devote to her family. “My children are very happy, so afterwards, they ask me a lot of questions but indeed, it was the first time that I left her since I took her on tour with me”, confessed this all-terrain mother.

Failing to share his career with his puppet Jean-Marc, comedian Jeff Panacloc remains just as discreet about his love life. The formidable investigator of Mask Singer would be in a relationship with Charlotte de Hugo, his ex-press attaché who became an artistic programmer, whom he married in 2017. From their union were born their two daughters Rose (born February 15, 2018) and Alice (born May 19, 2020).

If we do not know more about the current nature of their relationship, Damien Colcanap (his real name) confides with modesty about his wife. “My wife is my safeguard. I’m lucky, when I come home in the evening, we don’t talk about the job. She is very proud of me, I think. (…) When I knew her , in 2013, I was not famous. She was a press secretary, we lived the ascent together”, confided the ventriloquist for Gala in 2019.

A historical figure in the Mask Singer program, comedian Kev Adams is a formidable opponent. Especially when it comes to unmasking the stars hidden under the costumes. After several seasons, the comedian revealed in SODA never hesitates to surprise the public and the investigators by revealing his intuitions, not hesitating to allude to certain stars with humor.

Some media have lent him a relationship with ex-reality TV star and columnist Capucine Anav, or famous Miss France like Iris Mittenaere and Diane Leyre. If Kevin Smadja (real name) attended the former Miss Universe a few years ago, he denied any rumors of an affair with the current beauty queen. “You have to play it all down. I think it’s important. 10 or 15 years ago, I would have said to myself: ‘wow, that’s a lie’. Today, I don’t care, it is funny. They’re saying that I’m going out with a super pretty girl, I’m not going to sulk. On the contrary, I think it’s cool”, said the bachelor in his thirties in 50 minutes Inside on TF1 in April 2022.