A deprivation of freedoms. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday, October 19 the establishment of martial law in the four Ukrainian territories annexed in September by Russia. Here they are :

As explained by Agence France-Presse, quoted by BFMTV, it was during a meeting of his Security Council broadcast on television that Vladimir Putin announced this measure, which will come into force from Thursday 20 October at midnight. During this speech, the head of the Kremlin explained: “These territories had established martial law before their attachment to the Russian Federation, but it is necessary to formalize this regime by following Russian legislation”.

The Russian president then justified this measure by saying that kyiv did not want to negotiate with Moscow and continued to “bombard” the civilian population in the regions annexed by Russia. “The neo-Nazis (Ukrainians) openly use terrorist methods (…) They send groups of saboteurs to our territory,” Vladimir Putin added on television.

The decree published by Russia provides in particular for the establishment of a reinforced security regime, described as a “medium-level reaction regime” in several territories:

What does martial law actually mean? What are the measures that will soon be imposed on the populations of these five annexed regions? Here they are.