Maroto excludes the reduction of VAT on tourism, but it opens the door to prolong the ERTE


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The minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, it has pointed qu e will be difficult to address any tax rebate because the crisis of the COVID-19 has paralyzed the economy , in front of the request of the tourism sector to apply a reduced rate of VAT, but has left open the possibility of extending the FATE.

Maroto has intervened in a new session of the conference “digital Save tourism”, organized by the hotel group Hotusa , in Barcelona, in which also participated the president of this group, Amancio López.

Among the requests that has made Lopez the minister is the claim the rate superreducida of the value added tax (VAT) during a “time, what might be reasonable”, as well as extend the Temporary layoff of Employment (ERTE) , at least until the month of march 2021.

The minister noted that the Government has made a important expenditure to cope with the COVID-19, and that is not in the best of times with regard to the collection , because the economy has stopped and a lot of income also, so she believes that now “it is difficult to address any tax rebate”. In this sense, has ensured that the Government has opted for other impulse measures to boost the fundraising.

however, Maroto yes it has left open the possibility of extending the ERTE for the sector “in the framework of social dialogue”, to the time that has been said that there are going to be problems to “strengthen” the lines of endorsements of the Official Credit Institute (ICO).

Open borders

The minister reminded that today is “an important day” , as the European Union (EU) opens its borders on 15 countries, which joins that from the 15th day of June already operates a tourist corridor with Germany, and that June 22, the opening up of the borders in the Schengen zone , which allows you to “go recovering the activity”.

he Has highlighted this gradual opening of borders is being accomplished, but has insisted in being prudent because “doubt of the contagion is going to be there forever” , and has put in value the safety of Spain as a tourist destination, among many other things, for his healing, that it has come out stronger from the crisis.

During his speech, Maroto has launched the message that Spain is ready to restart your activity desk because the Government has spent months working hand in hand with the private sector to strengthen this message, because, in addition to open borders, “we need to focus on regaining mobility and travel”.

Maroto has put in value the plan of tourism, with 4 . 200 million has been said that the most important thing is to see if it is effective and if you are going to allow or not allow the reactivation of the sector and has asked for time to evaluate and see the needs that we need to strengthen.

The minister has not wanted to speculate about the number of tourists that will come this year to Spain because it is “very difficult” to make an estimate , but has said that, undoubtedly, we are better off than three months ago, when the stoppage of the sector was total and today opens a window of opportunities.

“it’s Going to be a different season because we have that g enerar spaces of trust” , said the minister, adding that it has done the job well and that the Spain brand has a good reputation.