The hybrid cars, in Belgium, the threshold of 100,000 will be exceeded. It turns out that that Tuesday, according to new figures from statistical agency Statbel.

now, Belgium had at the beginning of August 5.889.210 stock, of which 1.9 per cent are hybrids (110.984-pack). The growth of these vehicles will remain, according to Statbel significant, but slowing down (+27.6 percent between 2018 and 2019, compared to +36,5 per cent on the previous year). About 92 percent of all the hybrid cars on the power-to-gas.

The number of diesel vehicles would continue then to decrease (-5,9%), and about 3 million, as in 2008, to go into hiding. In 2019, in Belgium, 3.005.928 diesel cars, or 187.730 in less than a year earlier. This decrease is offset by the number of gasoline powered vehicles equipped with 190.662 units, or 7.6 percent, rising to 2.709.604 cars.

in The category of electric vehicles has the highest rate of increase (+65.9 percent), but remains 15.338 of vehicles in absolute terms is limited. Electric vehicles account for only 0.3% of all the cars.