A well-known face to sports fans, Marie Portolano has changed her playing field. Since her transfer from Canal to M6 in 2021, revealed at the time in L’Équipe, the host has become one of the entertainment figures on the private chain belonging to Nicolas de Tavernost. As she took over from Julia Vignali to present Le Meilleur pâtissier, she officiated for a second season with Mercotte and Cyril Lignac.

“I am much less stressed. I had never done recorded programs before. There, I am more serene”, swears the thirty-something to the Parisian. “Julia Vignali warned me: the first season, you discover, the second, you confirm and you’re in your slippers. That’s exactly it. I’m a bit at home here now”. At ease on the set, Marie Portolano shared this new season with a surprise guest: a second baby for the one who is already the mother of a boy named James, born in 2014.

Before making a career in entertainment, Marie Portolano took her first steps on LCI in 2008 before joining the Eurosport channel in 2018. After an internship at Les Inrockuptibles, she was subsequently hired to present the sports bulletin on Orange Sport Info , then on CFoot (until 2012) and on BeIN Sports where she hosted various shows. “Every six months, I changed shows. I never really had time to settle in. It was difficult, but BeIN was the best school for me,” she confessed in the Inrocks pages.

However, it is on Canal that Marie Portolano has become a safe bet in the sports field, in her capacity as a columnist in Canal Football Club from 2014. Her freshness and humor have greatly contributed to her programs, as on the social networks. Before finding her in a new episode of Best Pastry Chef on M6, the wife of comedian Grégoire Ludig does not hesitate to reveal herself funnier and radiant on her Instagram account. Planet reveals an anthology of its most beautiful photos in our slideshow.