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it Costs a lot to find legends of the Spanish song are provided to give an interview a day before giving a concert . Is locked up in themselves , is the refuge to concentrate as if they need the latest refresher of the a poor student, and don’t want to talk with anyone. But Mary Jimenez , know, is not a celebrity of the mounted n . What shows when you pick up the phone in a car on the way to Marbella, where today he shares the evening with Pitingo in Starlite: “What I wanted to talk to you, son.” Disarming from the second one.

How are you? How has led to all this madness that has come over?

—Well, what of the coronavirus I quiet, because as I do not have much habit of coming and going, so I took advantage to make a record, to do a little work on my house, and I’ve been distracted.