The title of ” Best café of the in Flanders’ takes place every year at the café handed out, but before we do so, however, in every town and a bar will be shown. As many as 85 in the Flemish municipalities, has already won year after year to the same coffee shop that nomination. Due to the merger of the municipalities will have at least two of the bars this year, so a perfect report is to give up.

at Our election, of the bar of Flanders this year, in two cities more exciting. In the present day boundaries Lievegem and Kruisem, there are two bars, which for the past four years in a row now that the winner of their municipality of destination. Now that municipalities are merged into a larger municipality and, unfortunately, is still one of the best. In addition to the four bars in the Lievegem and Kruisem succeed in 81 different each and every year, in order to have the nomination in their local government contracts. Have a look at the map below, or your favorite coffee shop in there too with it.

VOTE HERE. Crown your favorite watering hole as the Best Café of the in Flanders

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