After the discovery of a grenade in his garden has endured a low-country for hours on the buried explosive device, until it finally freed explosives expert out of this predicament. The man had found the grenade on Wednesday evening while working in the garden in Venlo, the competent security authorities in the southern told the Oriental province of Limburg on Thursday. He covered the grenade with Sand, and heard a whistle, so he sat down on the spot.

the cell phone he was carrying, the man-to-21.30 p.m. an emergency call. Subsequently a bomb disposal team of the Ministry of defence was sent off, which was, however, quite far away. It arrived, therefore, only at 1.00 p.m., authorities said spokeswoman Véronique Klaassen.

The grenade came from the Dutch media, from the Second world war. Explosives didn’t contain, however, turned Klaassen clear in hindsight. “The man was therefore in safety.”