157 kilograms of weight, Anthony Bayer, in his greatest period. The 26-year-old male from Queensland, Australia, was hooked on fast food, and was badly bullied at school. One little girl had on him at the time to choke on the ball, but asked him a few years later, out on a date.

Who is Anthony Bayer ag to compare with a photo from five years ago, and can’t believe that this is the same person. Then to 157 kilograms of weight a young man of decided, under pressure from his doctor, because he was afraid of couldn’t find a partner, have life for ever to get them. He has changed his eating habits drastically, and we decided to go to the gym. Today, the scale is 97 pounds, and he is more muscled than ever before.

“in The secondary room, with my weight a really difficult time,” he said to the Mirror. “The children are so abusive to anyone who doesn’t look like this. It was really, really hard.”

“There was one girl at school that I really liked. She was very popular and all the boys loved her to the best of our years. I have found them to be very good, and I must have been crazy to have been asked, or I feel like I’m on to the ball and wanted it.”

“It was last year, so I thought ‘why not?’. I was expecting a rejection, but, strangely enough, “she said,” yes.” I couldn’t believe it. I was so looking forward to it, I have a new costume and got my hair did-cut and in a limo rented. I wanted to impress her.”

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“Nervous, I drove to her house and called me in. She opened the door and said, ” I’m Sorry, you’re too fat to get through the door to the information. She slammed the door in my face.”

Bayer went into a deep depression and I thought that the love would come. It was that thought that led him to his change in lifestyle and, eventually, 60 kilos to get rid of.

“When I were overweight, I hated myself, and I thought no one ever would love. That was what I wanted in a partner and start a family. That got me motivated.”

“I went to three matches on Tinder when I was fat it was, to over 1,000 today. And then, all of a sudden, about a year ago, this same girl is in front of it is fraud after all have to be so cruel to me, that I will be contacted. She’s had my number over Instagram and sent me a note to be excused because she is such a bully, would have liked. She asked me if I feel like I’m on a date with her.”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I have not even replied to. I just want her to forgive and forget, I’ll never be.”