Blue – < / P> in The court of first instance of Leuven, a man was sentenced to an effective term of imprisonment of eighteen months, and for repeated sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl, in Blue. He has transgressed certain seven times in the child’s best interests.

of Course, V. S., was accused of sexual assault by use of force, the daughter of his former girlfriend in december of 2013 and August of 2014. In that period there were a mother and her daughter arranged to brush on the man at his home in the Blue. That was to use it as a 12-year-old girl, is definitely a seven time banks in the area.

The victim during the abuse by her sister in april of 2017. This sister went to the police station. During the investigation of the accident, and that they have not had a chance to escape, because of the heavily built assailant at her lay back on the table, and put her in a sort of grabbed him. She had several times, in vain, to help set up.

The defendant admitted that he and the young girl massaged and that they are arranged together, naked, in bed. The rape he has always denied it. The district court found that the sexual integrity of the young girl degraded it was. “On the basis of the strafinformatie, it is proved that the accused has the right to inappropriate actions, committed that, in the limit of an innocent vrijpostigheid more than exceeded”, presented to the court.

the New u.s. was in default, was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and five years of all of the rights to her. The request of the public prosecutor’s office, to his immediate arrest and was denied.

for More on child Sexual abuse, the Man gets five years in prison for the rape of his daughter and the sexual assault of step-daughter after five years in prison, and now acquittal for rape after a DNA test of N-VA and SP.A want of prescription the sexual abuse of minors, abolish the Book of the contested islamoloog Tariq Ramadan on verkrachtingszaak are allowed to be posted