Brussels –

– Denis Hacquin of Evere, and after a month’s time, expensive Cowboy cycling have been found. Thanks to an app he saw, suddenly, that his stolen bike on in Albania, the line was a hit.

a little over A month ago, the man’s electric bike is stolen in the Kiosks. In his own words it was: the cycling, however, and he was pinned to the wall. The theft has been officially adopted by the police and a complaint was opened. “You know, I had no news from the police department,” says Hacquin to the Bruzz. “I had a lot of, then is also given to the office to Find My Bike in the application of a Cowboy and said that my bike is in Budapest, and there was not a lot later, in the Albanian village of Fier. I gave this information to the police, but once again, it took weeks before they let me in contact with.”

The owner of the bike and put his story on the online forum Reddit, where he reactions of the Albanians to his or her need and wanted to help. On their advice sent to the minister of Internal Affairs of Albania, and two days later the bike will be returned. At the same time, an electric bike at a police department in the Pride. It remains to be seen how that will be done in a cheap way, go back to the Evere can get.

you can Find My Bike in the application of a Cowboy, made it last year for 30 of the 45 stolen bikes once again were found. By using a bluetooth signal to your mobile phone where you and your bike are. Only when it’s in an enclosed space, would be the gps signal has been muted.