Making it easier to prosecute offences – the national Council discusses controversial terrorism-criminal standard in the future, the Recruitment, training and travel, in terms of an act of terrorism should be subject to punishment – a total of criminal offences, it should be followed more easily. Critics speak of the ethos of criminal law.On Tuesday, the new criminal norm is up for debate in the national Assembly: MPs during the summer session, at 10. June 2020. Keystone/Anthony Anex

The national Council advises on Tuesday about a change in the law to facilitate the prosecution of terrorist offences. In the center of a new terrorism-criminal provision.

it makes the Recruitment, training and travel, in terms of an act of terrorism, under penalty. The Federal Council intends to implement with the new Criminal provision, the Council of Europe Convention on the prevention of terrorism. The provision is controversial, critics speak of the ethos of criminal law.

the participation in a terrorist organization is on the same level as the participation in a criminal organization, and as a so-called advance-offence expressly punishable by law. The maximum penalty in both cases is ten years.

Grippy law enforcement

Adapted to the organization of prohibition in the intelligence service act: The maximum penalty for the involvement or support of an illegal Organisation will be increased from three to five years to be. In addition, the Federal government would be in the future, advocacy for the law enforcement responsible.

The change in the law creates a legal basis for cross-border investigation teams. In addition, the Swiss authorities will be able to transmit, under certain conditions, information in advance to foreign authorities. The Federal Council has drawn up the template, hopes to be able to by the rapid flow of information, serious crimes, prevent. The Council of States has set higher hurdles, which is opposed to the national Council Commission.

The Council of States had approved these changes to the law in the spring session, the majority of the national Council the Commission is, in principle, also agree. Left minorities require milder penalties or exemptions from the Anti-Terror Criminal law provision, for example, if democracy movements are supported.

Preventive measures

The deal is the first part of a two-part template, with the help of the Federal Council for the fight against terrorism to strengthen. The second part, which relates to preventive measures such as house arrest for terrorist offenders, was originally on Thursday on the agenda of the national Council. On Monday morning, the transaction has been cancelled without giving reasons.

This template is highly controversial. It is criticized, among other things, that 15-put Years under house arrest and other measures against children could be imposed from the age of 12. Also, the Definition of “Gefährdern” is referred to as too vague. The national Council Commission now wants to introduce even the preventive detention. Switzerland is currently because of this plans international criticism.

(SDA / sep)