announced As a press officer Silke Bannick on Friday last week, how many Tickets for the FSV Mainz 05 for the upcoming Bundesliga match against Hannover 96 was sold, it was clear that two days later, the big gaps in the stands of the Arena at the Europe gyro would gape. Of 23,000. And the weather report had said rain and storms before. In fact, there were only 305 Fans on Sunday afternoon, eyewitnesses of the goods after more than 100 minutes played with the score 1:1 at the end of the game.

And it may be assumed that these conditions only to a small extent with the weather, or the last round of the year in the Amateur leagues. Just like it to be largely a matter seems to be, what are the football the team plays. This namely, the required to self-certify chronic critics of the Coach Sandro Schwarz, fun, and is different to what was offered in the past few years.

minus record against Wolfsburg

the sporting quality Had an impact on the attendances would have to show the curve since the first round. But she doesn’t. For the season opener against VfB Stuttgart 28.700 Fans came, against FC Augsburg, only 21.100. The minus record against VfL Wolfsburg was also the kick-off date on a Wednesday evening at 20.30. For the games against Hertha BSC (22.400) and Werder Bremen (the proud sum of 25,300, with a full guest block) was not considered. Full house reported the Mainz against Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund, however, will not prevent even the inspirational performance against the League leaders, in combination with the following victory in Düsseldorf were able to that against Hannover around 10,000 Fans came less.

“it is clear to Us that after the Dortmund game, the stadium is now sold out again, just because we are playing well,” commented the Chairman, Stefan Hofmann, the little edifying values. “I’ve always said that the number of spectators has nothing to do with the Sports.” At least there seems to be no correlation between good football and Faninteresse. The other way around, this connection in the previous seasons was very well-to – many 05-followers of football in the years after Thomas Tuchel is no longer attractive enough to sacrifice money and leisure. Added to this were various other reasons: the move from the historic Bruchweg on the bretzenh bucket fields, and the associated loss of the secrecy or the General over-saturation, to fight with the other clubs have.

“We want to push the number back up again”

“We have to look reality in the eye,” says Hofmann. The less the Fans from Hannover – 22,000 to 23,000 of Sunday, the hard core of the 05 Fans. “So we have to work, and the number is measured in terms of the number of inhabitants of Mainz, is also not dramatically bad. But Yes: We want to push the number back up.“ The original marketing campaign in the summer brought no rush to name a permanent card, had been developed but also in the short term, and served primarily to bring the Association into the conversation and the Image. “We need to work on the brand Mainz 05”, makes it clear to the Chairman that more viewers can not from today to tomorrow, generate. Perseverance is asked for. “We now need to infect the Eight – to twelve-year-olds, in order to increase our long-term supporters of the circle, after we had a long time no growth.”

Hofmann looks quite respectful to Frankfurt, where it is in the past few years, the pattern to be valid was possible to increase the number of members 60,000, and to mobilize the fan base. On Wednesday of next week, the Concord will look to the Derby is over. Is not sold out yet, which may be due to the, again, late kick-off time. Even a Nicholas action, the season ticket holders were given Tickets at half the price, made with only 200 tickets sold for a Boom. Sandro Black and his team can make it this evening maybe a little in-house advertising. Also, if the target audience is around the time probably in bed already.