Magistrate asked, at 3.7 per cent and still not be drunk. That is, it is almost impossible to believe,


Brugge / Jabbeke –

as of 3.7 parts per thousand of alcohol in his blood. But not to get drunk. A 22-year-old young man from the University and made the brow of the first instance court Tuesday morning quite a frown. “As your lawyer, so much alcohol in it, it is, at least in a coma”, she said.

On Sunday, 2 of december of last year, drove in the twenties, out of University, starting from The Platse in Sint-Andries, back to the house. But the Gistelsteenweg, he lost control of his steering wheel and drove at a parked car. The young man said that he did not know why he was gone.

When the police arrived on the scene, he sent the young man up. Appearance, produced, however, does not show signs of intoxication. The cops were shocked, therefore, when they are the result of the breath test, saw a 3.7 per cent. “But you were not drunk. That is, it is hard to believe. If your lawyer has such a high permillage, then she is in a coma, or even death. I have the same questions. But you can drink it probably every day in a bucket”, according to the verbouwereerde court of law.

Not for the first time.

The lawyer of the man in his twenties attempted to court a mild penalty, to ask the questions. However, in January 2017, had already been convicted and sentenced for the drunk to send, and vluchtmisdrijf. The facts which are not given in his favour, and played. “The facts are what they are. And he was ashamed of himself too deep for that. However, his driver’s license, it is very important for the work we do,” she said. The lawyer asked, therefore, to a wider audience.

now, with magistrate Peter Vandamme is clearly going down the wrong way fired. He addressed personally to the young man, and went seriously to learn. “It would be my fault if you kwijtspeelt? I’ve had it with that attitude. You have no guilt to speak. If you lose, then it’s only your own fault. Do you think sometimes the parents that their child will lose out by a drunk driver as you are? I am, however, in any case”, she said.

alcohol ignition interlock (Alcolock).

The magistrate was lenient in the assessment of the penalty. He was a young man, and a fine of 3200 euros and a driving ban of three months or less. If he is, then his driver’s license still have to go back to get it, he will have to pass medical and psychological tests, and will include a theoretical and a practical driving test will have to re-take it. In addition, he was also a three-year alcohol ignition interlock is imposed.