Mafia-investigation – ROM “one-eyed” released from prison after five years in custody of the authorities Massimo Carminati, were able to prove no Connections to the Mafia. Now the deadline has expired and the previous terrorist again on free foot. 0 comment no blank slate: The former right terrorist Massimo Carminati. (Archive photo) photo: (AP Photo/Medici/Keystone)

One of the most notorious Criminals of Rome is free again. The former right terrorist Massimo Carminati – known as the “one-eyed” – was dismissed on Tuesday after around five and a half years in prison.

reason of the Expiration of the detention times, reported Italian media on Tuesday, citing the judicial authorities and the lawyers Carminatis was. He is accused to be the head of a mafia-like gang have been, the politics and the business world in the Italian capital for years, infiltrated and corrupted had.

Carminati sass since December 2014 in custody. He was sentenced in 2017 in a spectacular corruption trial against the so-called “Mafia Capitale” (capital of mafia) to 20 years. However, no Mafia could be-offences detected – which would have much tougher penalties. Later the punishment was reduced, and thereafter, the judgment repealed. A new process needs to be recognised.

The “Mafia Capitale”, the cover was blown by the end of 2014, should have drawn against kickbacks in lucrative contracts for their companies. Among other things, the operation of the Refugee shelters, and waste disposal module to your field of business. The scandal shook the political system in the Wake of the Virginia Raggi in 2016, was elected mayor. The politician, the Five-star movement remains your promise to the city from the ground up to clean up, even after years in Power, guilty.


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