His life changed one evening in December 2017 in Châteauroux. At that time, Maëva Coucke was revealed to the general public after her coronation in the Miss France 2018 election, followed by millions of loyal viewers on TF1. Succeeding Camille Cerf and Iris Mittenaere, the sublime northerner was the third woman to win the title for Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

During a year of reign rich in encounters and challenges, Maeva Coucke notably shone on the international scene by ranking in the top 12 at Miss World 2018, and winning 7th place in the Miss Universe 2019 contest. After giving in to her crown to Vaimalama Chaves, the ex-Miss had distinguished herself during numerous public appearances and social events. Popular with the French, it has aroused the covetousness of many admirers.

However, Maëva Coucke’s year of reign was punctuated by her breakup with her ex-spouse. A painful ordeal that she had never mentioned before her interview for Paris Match in 2019. “When I was elected, I was in a relationship. This boy made fun of me a lot, but we all went through I was in love and I also want to say stupid, even if that’s not the right word to use. I lived my year with a heartache because I was not well, that It was going very badly with him. It sometimes really undermined my morale. It’s a shame because I didn’t take advantage of certain moments that Miss France offered me. I had things in mind that bothered me. I should have said stop long before to be able to take full advantage of my year“, she confided to our colleagues.

Long remained discreet about his sentimental situation, Maëva Coucke had poured out on the subject in all honesty. “It’s true that I like to keep it to myself. The day I feel it’s the right one, I think I’ll assume it in front of everyone, yes. I’m careful because I tell myself that when the we start a relationship, it is always better to wait a minimum of time”, affirms the one who seems to have found love again.

In May 2022, the model appeared at Roland Garros on the arm of a man named François Bonifaci. Accomplices in the stands, the flamboyant redhead and the handsome dark-haired stared at each other while attending the tournament in sunny weather. A handsome stranger who seems to share a taste for influence with her: a graduate of a business school in Marseille, he launched his own digital marketing agency InfluenceUp, of which he is the president with his comrade Anthony Aide (director of the ‘agency).

“The idea is to democratize influence marketing”, confided the entrepreneur in the columns of La Provence in 2019, believing that a “brand must choose a profile that sticks to its image. The influencer must be credible on networks, he must not chain collaborations, the profiles that work best are those that are “natural”. Between the entrepreneur and the ex-Miss France who has become an influencer, it’s a story that matches on the canvas.The proof in pictures with their most beautiful photos.