Madrid recovers the Sale of the Fullers as a School Taurine and awards of San Isidro


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the delegate for The area of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the City of Madrid, Andrea Levy , has announced this Tuesday that the facilities for the Sale of the Fullers will house the School of Bullfighting in Madrid. The city Council has agreed to the signing of a protocol of collaboration with the Community of Madrid for the defense and promotion of the bullfighting.

“In this protocol will be informed by the objectives of the unification of the schools taurines municipal and regional into a single one, whose location will be in the municipal facilities of the Sale of the Fullers,” explained Levy during the commission of the bouquet.

In parallel, has emphasized that it has commissioned a study to the Foundation fighting Bull , in which it analyzes the schools bullfighting existing in Madrid and its Community and concludes that, given the existing demand today and knowing that in the Community of Madrid coexist seven schools taurines , it was necessary to articulate a single centre in the capital with good facilities and academic rigor, to become the school of reference, “a conclusion shared by all the sector”.

During his speech, the delegate has announced that the protocol will pick up the recovery of the awards bullfighting Fair of San Isidro in a unified way, as well as the promotion on the part of both administrations of bullfighting as cultural heritage and the recovery of the institutional presence of the city Hall in the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas and in the events related to the bullfighting.

Andrea Levy has reiterated the full support of the municipal Government to bullfighting as a manifestation of the cultural heritage of madrid and, therefore, the sector of bullfighting. As well, he remembered that the first measure taken by this Corporation was incorporated in the agreement of delegation of powers of the governing Board of 4 July 2019, the function “ the promotion and protection of bullfighting at the municipal level and momentum of the feria de San Isidro” as one of the specific powers of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, dependent on the Area of Culture, Tourism and Sport.

This agreement has been cured through various meetings between the area, representatives of the sector of bullfighting and the Community of Madrid to know in detail the situation of this sector in the capital and be able to make a series of decisions with the maximum consensus in favour of bullfighting.

They have also made visits to the premises of the Sale of the Batán to have a real photo of your state , which will serve as a technical specification in future tenders for a concession contract of works and exploitation, and will involve the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Sale of the Fullers and the operation of facilities such as school, taurine and center and the exhibition and dissemination of the art of bullfighting as cultural heritage.