This is a very solemn declaration to the French, Tuesday, at the hour of the nightly news, that Emmanuel Macron has decided to close the sequence that had opened the resignation of Gérard Collomb, on 3 October. Focus on “direct contact” with the French, without engaging the questions of the journalists, the president wished to take to the pitch. “Give the deep meaning of [its] action,” he explained.

Without a prompter, with the help of his typed notes and raturées, the president is not returned on the departure of the ex-mayor of Lyon, this ” incident “, as he had then qualified, which, however, has led to speak to the French on Tuesday night. During these twelve minutes, recorded in the afternoon in the living room corner of the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron is also delivered to an exercise of self-criticism. “These last few months have been able to make less perceptible the meaning of my action “, has recognized the head of State, which connects the disappointments since the case of Benalla. “Sometimes, by my determination, or my speak the truth, I have been able to disturb or offend some “, he added, in reference to small phrases such as ” money crazy “, of which he is so fond of. “I hear the criticism “.

The president, down in the polls since the beginning of the summer, had already initiated this mea culpa during his speech to the Congress on July 9, and on the occasion of his trip to the west Indies at the end of September. However, it could not be prevented, subsequently, to give in to what he calls his ‘speak the truth” and that the French increasingly see as arrogance. For the single month of September, we will mention its outputs to the “Gaullois refractory to change,” the gardener ordered to “cross the street” to find a job, or retirees who need to ” stop complaining “.

“, Your daily life will improve…