From 314 to 288 seats shrunk – Macron loses majority in the Parliament, seven members joined on Tuesday the new grouping “Ecology, democracy, solidarity.” For a majority in Parliament, Macron is missing a seat.10 Kommentare10Fernsehansprache in the Corona-crisis: French President Emmanuel Macron is criticized because of its business friendly policies.Photo: Marc Piasecki/

The party of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron loses its majority in the Parliament. Seven defectors from “La Republique En Marche” (LREM) joined on Tuesday the new grouping “Ecology, democracy, solidarity”, which comes to a total of 17 parliamentarians. So LREM only 288 votes in the people’s representation. For a majority of 289 seats are needed. The office of Macrons in 2017 had LREM provided to 314 members.

In the past few months had turned away members of the LREM, because they were dissatisfied with the economic policy of Macrons, and his strong influence on the decision-making process. Macron in Parliament to continue to support the centrist party Mo can set The. He needs to make in the second half of his term of office more concessions.

(Reuters /aru)

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