To kick off a three-day trip to America, has called on the Federal foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, in spite of all the differences with the government in Washington to a closer cooperation. “We cannot do without America. We want to therefore strengthen our partnership and, where necessary, re-establish,“ said Maas on the Wednesday immediately prior to his departure to Washington. “Is the guide line: We want not a new Against each other, we want a new one.”

Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump two years ago, the English are loaded-American relations difficult. There are differences in many policy areas, from trade issues on the Russia-policy to dealing with international agreements and institutions. Maas wanted to meet in the afternoon, foreign Minister Mike Pompeo.

This should go especially to the prohibition of the atomic medium-range missiles, which is on the Brink. Trump wants the so-called INF-disarmament Treaty with Russia for the 2. February cancel – unless Russia agrees then in the destruction of new missile, which failed in the view of the Nato against the ban.

Maas called on Russia once again to relent. “Moscow must now disarm in a verifiable prohibited cruise missiles,” he said. “It remains important that we coordinate ourselves within the Nato. This also applies to a possible time-without the INF.“